I’m Co-Founder of KeywordTool.io, digital marketer and Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt

A bit about my career path.

I love building things for the web. I specialise in online marketing, user acquisition, lead generation using inbound and outbound channels, growth-hacking and all those things :). Anything that’s out there and brings targeted audience to your website, chances are that I already have experience doing it.

I started my career in direct response digital marketing, mainly focusing on paid user acquisition and lead generation (AdWords, Facebook, Yandex.Direct etc.). I loved it. Paid acquisition is great when you have economics behind it i.e. Customer Lifetime Value is more than Customer Acquisition Costs.

Managing and building fairly big direct response PPC accounts is great. You learn a lot about effective copywriting, conversion rate optimisation, statistical significance, A/B tests, UI, UX and human psychology.

Later I moved over to the inbound marketing world. I’ve done a great deal of SEO. Managing a small team, I was building and scaling affiliate websites using mostly inbound marketing. In a fairly short period of time we achieved 700%+ growth in traffic and 300%+ growth in revenue.

I Co-Founded KeywordTool.io  with a friend of mine. We’ve built it from scratch and bootstrapped our way to the top in extremely competitive niche. KeywordTool.io is doing great, check it out on Alexa if you wonder how great :).

I didn’t cover all my experiences here though, so if you want to get in touch and know more, just drop me a line.